Sunday, November 16, 2008


So I got this whole new fancy look for my blog - And when I added it - Guess what??? I lost my whole Blog Roll - I am lost! I have no clue where to go to visit my old blogs. Lesson #1 Keep blog rolls somewhere other than on your blog!

Its been way to long and time for another update - I am working on it!! Gee life with 4 kids is busy! Especially with 3 of them 2 and under!

Short version in case you can't wait - :)

Ethan - doing GREAT in school - loving it! He can read most short words and can write a bit too! He is really excelling at Math - addition and subtraction are just coming really easy for him.

Aidan - Oh man! He is by far more vocal than Isaac - He is talking a bunch now. He loves to undress himself and does it every chance he gets! He also LOVES to take his shoes and socks off in the car - as soon as we get in. Makes these cold snowy days very hard and frustrating! (Ok - so it has only snowed once - well can you call flurries snow???)

Isaac - Well he was in the hospital for a few days at the end of October for pneumonia and while in the hospital they diagnosed him with Asthma. We are still trying to get his coughing under control. It is mainly quite during the day but it acts up at night or if he has been playing hard (running around) or crying. We are still operating under the "Orange zone" of his Asthma action plan. We will be going back to the Dr this will though cause he just started with a runny nose tonight - Something we were told to watch for and to get him in to the Dr ASAP if his cough wasn't controlled.

Mayah - Almost 7 months! Can't believe it! She is too cute. Loves to laugh and suck her toes. When I change her diaper - I have to PRY her toes out of her mouth when I am done. She will masterfully pull off her socks to get to her toes. She can even unsnap buttons if they stand in the way of her toes. At this point I do believe that she prefers he big toe to her thumb!

David - Still with Starbucks - Until Friday - We think. In December he will start with a new company called 4 Preservation. Awesome opportunity for us.

Me - Going Crazy! Well not really but I do believe that I will be starting my Masters in January.

Okay - Well I have a kitchen that desperately needs to be cleaned!

So if you were on my blog roll and what to stay on it - comment me. If you don't it might be a while till I get around to finding you again and put you back on. If you weren't on it but want to be - you can comment me too. Make me feel special! :)