Tuesday, April 29, 2008

One Week Old

It's amazing to me how long a week seems to last when you are pregnant, but how quickly it goes by once she is here.
Mayah is a week old today.
She is a champion at breastfeeding & pooping. She poops EVERY hour!
She is sleeping very well at night with atleast 2 four hour stretches.
The brothers love their little sister & Aidan loves to "give her lovens" and he puts his cheek up to her cheek.
Aren't they cute?

Ethan loves his little sister & is going to be a GREAT big brother to her.
Everyone is doing well and I hope to be able to update more regularly.
Because of the seizures I had before giving birth, I am now back on anti-seizure and it is making it difficult to sit in front of the computer.
Please bear with me & know that I am thinking of you all.
The kids with Grandma & Grandpa Havasu
Daddy's Girl
Isn't she cute?

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Baby Shower AFTER the Baby

My friend Angela threw me a shower at the Honey Tree.
It was an awesome time with my friends and family!
Thank you all!
Friends & Family
Angela even got my my favorite - Carrot Cake. YUM!
Check out the diaper cake too!
Lots of great gifts
Funny onesie

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mayah is Here!!!!

Tuesday, April 22 started at 3am with me having a seizure.
David & I drove to the hospital and I was immediately taken to L&D and put on IVs & montering. The doctors came in and talked to me & said because of my seizures that it would be better to deliver than allow me to stay pregnant.
They didn't want to start my induction until I was loaded up on anti-seizure medicine.
10:30am I was started on pitocin. It was increased every half hour until I was at the full 20.
At 2:30 they broke my water and I started having some low blood pressure issues & at 3:30 I got my epidural. Thank God!
Basically the man with the big needle came in and stuck it in my back. I love that man!
My blood pressure issues continued and I was watched constantly until I delivered.
There were some points that I was ready to give up and just go for a csection because I wasn't dilating as fast as I wanted to, but everyone kept encouraging me & telling me I could do it.
My friend, Debbie, left the hospital at apx. 8pm to meet her husband at my house which is 45 minutes away and when she left the nurse checked me and I was still 5cm. So, we knew it was going to be a long night.

At 8:45 I was on the phone with my friend Angela and I was telling her I was real nauseous & shaky and she told me that she bet I was in transition and was going to be ready to have the baby soon.
I told her, "No, it's just my low blood pressure."
The nurse overheard the conversation and decided to check me.
Angela should be a midwife!!!!
When she checked me, I was complete & ready to push.

Problem! Debbie was 45 minutes away!
They said if I really wanted to wait until she got back I just needed to lay on my side, breathe through my contactions and not push.
We called frantically for Debbie to come back and she rushed back to the hospital.
At 9:30 the nurse said we couldn't wait anymore & I needed to start pushing.
Minutes later, Debbie walked through the door.
It took me 4 contractions & Miss Mayah Jacqueline entered the world!
6lbs 7oz. & 19 3/4 inches long.

And, the boys...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I have a contest for you!!!!

Full Moon - Eggplant - Walking - Burritos

We are doing everything that we can to get this baby here!!!

So now I guess we should start a poll to see when you all think that she will get here.

Here is what we are going to do. In my comment section leave me two different entries:

1. Date and time of Little Bits birth

2. Weight and length of Little Bit.

We will have a **prize** for the one who picks the closest correct info. How does that sound?? Remember David works for Starbucks so the prizes will be good!!! If you don't have a blog - leave me a e-mail address so that I can get a hold of you if you are the winner!

Good Luck!

So info that might help: at my last growth scan at 36 weeks she was measuring in the 23% at 5lbs 3oz +/- 9oz. This whole time she has been anywhere 15th and 25th % during her regular growth scans. I have gained a whole 11 lbs this pregnancy! Anything else you would like to know???

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Well I am still and will be still pregnant tomorrow. The amino showed that her lungs are not ready yet. I know it is all for the best, it is just still hard to handle.

They now won't induce my until 39 weeks. Here's to two more weeks pregnant.


We are now playing the waiting game. We should have the results by 4 Central time. That is just an hour and a half from now.

It was not as bad as I thought - although I am sore in the area now - and having wicked contractions. Nothing timetable - but also said to be expected.

I will let you all know when I know something.

Send up those prayers

We will be having our amino today in just a few hours - please pray that all goes well and Little Bit is ready for Thursday night!


Monday, April 14, 2008

Just in case you have been wondering

In just 72 hours from now - if all goes well - I will be laying in a hospital bed wishing labor to come fast and painless!!! Of course I still have a paper due in 24 hours that I am only a paragraph into on a 7 page journey. Other than that report I still have 3 book reviews and 5 assignments that are just going to be forced to wait until after Little Bit comes.

All three boys have fevers, runny noses and coughs - All started just this morning. So we will be taking them to the Dr tomorrow afternoon.

David has decided, thankfully, that he is going to work tomorrow and then take the rest of the week off!!! I am so excited that he will not have to work Wednesday and Thursday. The downfall is that tomorrow will be a LONG day - probably he will only work long enough to get me and the boys to the ped.

I booked an appointment for a cut, color and wax for Thursday at noon! I will go from there to get my toes done :) It will be my last "free" moment for a while I am assuming. I will be looking forward to answering the question of "when are you due?" that day with "10 pm tonight"!

To be honest, I am really looking forward to being computer/internet/freakin' drama/stress free for a few days.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Just how do you spell D-O-N-E???

It is 5 am and I am sitting here in my sons bedroom looking out his window throughly enjoying the fact that I am not looking at a 12 foot block wall that was placed there to keep out the traffic noise from the I15 Freeway.

I took my Ambien at midnight, but as it seems the other pills that I take have pulled rank with the Ambien. A battle that I am at the moment suffering because of. Some wonder if this could be the start of actual labor. Of course it can not - you see I am no longer hooked up the the terb pump - I no longer have a nurse tell me twice a day that the feelings that I KNOW are contractions are nothing more than Uterine Irritably. So you see that there is now way that my body can actually be preparing itself for labor on its own. Our could it? You see nothing has been normal this whole pregnancy so of course why does this which could just be normal - fell like something totally different??

I have entered the world where I look at awe and wonder to those women who are able to carry a full nine months with out even blinking an eye. Those women who seemingly have the prefect pregnancies. At first I was angry - I wanted to share my misery with those pregnant ones around me.I would enter a store and get the knowing smile and nod with "when are you due?" question - my response "not soon enough". Please don't get me wrong - I am and have always been fascinated by the womans body being able to sustain a life that starts as no bigger than a head of pin. When I found out that I was pregnant with the twins - as I grew each day to actually think that there are two babies in side of me. WOW The creative power that God is to allow our bodies to sustain life for a precious other that we ultimately get to call our own. To think that as you get closer to full term - the same baby that is in that growing belly will be the same baby that will come out craving to be united with the voices and sounds of the world that she has spent nine months imagining about.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter how you get there
The end result is the same.

Our lives will be forever changed
by one small cry
tiny fingers wrapped tightly around mine
a mouth that will look to my body to once again sustain its life
Forever a part of something that it greater than the original
When a child is born SYNERGY happens
Look out world - HERE SHE COMES!!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

At least someone is comfortable about having the lights on.

I am not sure if you I have told you all this (and I am just too lazy to go back and find out) but I have been sleeping in Ethan's because his bed is SOOO much more comfortable than mine. It is a firm queen size and it fits me perfectly! Well this afternoon I was sitting up in my new room trying to do some homework and my attention was directed to Ethan's fish tank. We gave him a fish tank for his 2nd birthday and we have found ourselves constantly replenishing the fish that we have in his tank. I do find myself tearing up each time we find a "floater" but Ethan thinks that it is "cool" to "set them free in the ocean". Remember all drains lead to the ocean. I guess that we have some great big drains if they make it to the ocean from the middle of the US! One particularly sad occasion was setting a few fish free that were on their last legs anyway. It is one thing to flush a dead fish - another thing to flush a fish that David SAYS is going to die anyway.

Well tonight I was watching the two fish that are currently residing in the fish tank and thought that their behavior was rather odd. The bigger one was pushing around the smaller one. At first I thought that he was attacking the smaller one and after urgently calling David up to Ethan's room to separate our fighting fish - he informs me the bigger fish is a boy fish and the smaller one is a girl fish. He then leaves me to fill in the blanks.

I guess that I never really thought about where baby fish came from.......

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Because I have so much other stuff to do - I decided to add this to the mix right now too!!!!!

I found this link and decided that it was actually worth my time! I mean I need things to do that are far more important than finishing homework before the baby comes right???? And since we are now down to 8 days or so I gotta get busy!!! Any way It is The Great Blog Hunt and I love that it takes you to a whole bunch of Way Cool blogs that I will be bookmarking along the way!!

If you are interested and don't have any homework to do :) why don't you try it out
and it will explain everything.

Good luck!

No cute title - 'cause I am just DONE!!!!!

I had my Dr's appointment today. I wish I sounded more excited about it all but right now I am just in a massive funk. There is so much going on and I am just ready for everything to be done! I will give you a run down of my appointment. David was able to go with me and that is always good. This is the first pregnancy that we have had that he has not been at every appointment with me. I guess that is what happens when you have 4 kids! They were short an u/s tech today so I ended up having my appointment split. My blood pressure was taken and good - 108/45 and there was no protein in my urine. All good. Then I was asked to step on the scale. I gained 3 lbs since Friday!!!! That means that I have gained a total of 7 lbs in 10 days!!!!! I understand that weight gain is good - but that is a little drastic in my opinion! I was then sat down for my NST. Little bit did good - her heartbeat was a steady 135 and she gave just 3 accels in 15 minutes with her heartbeat getting to the 180's. I had 3 or 4 contractions in that time too but that is not new. During my NST the Dr came and sat with me. I love my Dr! He just has the best sence of humor. He is really down to earth and just a great guy. I really tried to convince him to deliver me today. I even told him I would buy him dinner! I would have even been okay with a c-sec if he would deliver me today! I am afraid that someone in this family won't survive the week if I stay pregnant!! I am so hormonal right now and unfortunately my family is paying the price! Of course I am still pregnant and will stay pregnant for another week at least!

We went ahead and scheduled an amino for next Wednesday at 9am and then my induction. I have my Golden Ticket!! I really do have a golden ticket that has my induction date and time on it. I get to report to L&D at 10pm on Thursday night, the 17th! Lets pray for 2 things - first the amino is all clear and second no one in St. Louis decides to deliver on Thursday night so that I get a bed in L&D!

I then had a u/s to check everything and all looked good. Her weight is consistent with what it has been and she is still on the small side. She is about 5lbs 3oz give or take 6ozs. The tech showed us all of her hair - she said that she can see lots on the u/s already! Little bit also has some chubby cheeks!!! I can't wait to meet her!

Oh - I did ask about my weight gain and my Dr was a little shocked once he actually saw it. He really couldn't believe it and wanted to know where I put it on at! He said that he will just wait and see with next week. My blood sugars were really good so he wasn't massively concerned with it then.

I tested positive for Group B Strep - very weird since my last hospital visit I tested negative so some how in the past 5 weeks I got this. My Dr said that it is nothing to worry about - I will just be given antibiotics during delivery.

Let me tell you - I am so looking forward to next Thursday night!!! I would also be very excited if I went into labor between now and then too!!! I know that I am still 3 weeks away from my actual due date - but also remember that I am 4 weeks further than I was with the twins!!! I am finally getting much bigger and my stretch marks are getting stretch marks!!!

Well I am off to do more homework - or maybe I just might sleep - who knows.

Monday, April 7, 2008

36 Weeks!!

Well I made it this far!!! We will find out on Wednesday my end date!! I can't believe that it is all coming to an end! Boy am I ready!! I have even resorted to sleeping in Ethan's room because his bed is a little firmer and SO much more comfortable on my back. I get to sleep right next to the open window - which will freeze everyone else out but is nice and comfortable for me! The next few nights they are calling for rain and I LOVE the rain so the thought of being able to sleep next to the open window to hear and smell the rain is exciting!

I am feeling more and more pregnant as each day goes on. I guess that is good since I am 36 weeks! I wonder if it has anything to do with my 4 lb weight gain in one week or not!


OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My Google has been down since Friday night and that has caused SUCH havoc in my life!!! It meant that every time I opened my Mozilla Firefox I would have 3 of my tabs come up saying that the server was busy. It meant limited access to my g-mail account - my only e-mail. Most importantly it meant that Blogger was also down for me! I have wanted to update since Friday and just have not been able to!

SO I guess that I am here to say that I won't be updating that much until I get most of my homework done. I have a bunch to do and only limited time to do it in - All due sometime this week. Here is the rundown of what I have to do - (like you all really care and want to know):
I have 4 Assignments due on the 10th.
I have 6 due on the 13th
5 due on the 15th (4 of these are 4-6 page book reviews and one is a 7 page research paper)
I then have 6 more assignments that are due the 27th and 28th, but I need to be done with everything by the 15th though because we have no clue what next weeks holds with this baby.

That in total is 21 assignments that I still need to do - do you remember just 2 weeks ago it was at 24?? Gee I have been busy.

Well I am off to write an answer to "How do you describe listening in a chat group?"

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Isaac is officially ear infection free!!!

Well for the first time in close to 2 months - Isaac is officially healthy! No more ear infections!

He is almost 25 lbs now - I am surprised that he is not 52 lbs because he out eats BOTH of his brothers! He will literally eat double what Ethan AND Isaac together eats. and he is only 6 oz's heaver than Aidan. Aidan must be eating his socks or something to pack on the pounds (thats where they are all going - now I know)!

MUST ....GO .....NEED ......TO .........DO ........MORE ..........DREADED ...............HOMEWORK ............ :(

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Answers Part 2

Here is another answer to a question that was posed to me from my blog asking if there were questions. Does that make any sense?

Julie asked: What do you do to alleviate hip/back pain from laying down 24/7? I really am dying to know since I'm aching and figure you've been at this longer than me.

Well I would like to know the answer to this one too! Really the only thing that I find that brings some temp relief is to get on my hands and knees. I will get like this a few times a day. I have also been known to prop some pillows up under me so that I am resting on my knees and those pillows - as weird as it sounds it is actually a pretty comfortable position. A few other things this has helped without really knowing about it - passing gas (sad but true!) and flipping little bit from breech to head down. For some reason breech babies don't like this position.

I also sit on a heating pad 3 times or so a day. This helps the lower back pain and it also helps to heal the scar tissue from my 17P injections. When laying on your side if you put a pillow under your growing belly and then one under your hip that is against the bed - so that your hip in on the pillow and not the bed - it helps relieve some pressure as well.

Hope you are able to find some relief :)

The nurse.....

I am not sure how many read my pregnancy secrets so I decided to post this here too because it is just too crazy of a story - and I didn't want my loyal blog readers (like I have them:)) to notice that it has been a few days since my last post. Don't worry though a BIG one is in the works!

I just got off of the phone with a nurse from my insurance company. Because I am pregnant I belong to a program called "Moms to Babies". They followed me pretty closely with the twins because of the PTL and follow me closely with this pregnancy as well. She calls weekly. It is annoying. She is very hard to understand and because of HIPPA (or whatever it is) she won't talk to David if he answers the phone - even after me telling her she could. Well today the insanity continued. I don't even get into details with her - I just kinda smile and nod. Well today she asked me if I was having contractions - my answer was yes. She then asked me how many - I said a few a day - she wanted a number - I said 3 to 4. She then asked me if I WAS FEELING THEM??????? UM no - I have 3 to 4 contractions a day that I CAN'T FEEL. And she went to nursing school......