Saturday, March 29, 2008

My Wish List

So I decided that I would actually write down some of the things that I am **wishing** for before little bit makes her entrance into the world. Some of them are probable some of them are just that - wishes! But hey at least it gives you something else to read right? Oh and it gives me something to do - other than homework!

1. A pedicure. With the way that I lay everyday I can see that my poor toes are DEARLY in need of some assistance. I would just do it myself to save us some money - BUT there is no way that I am able to even reach my toes at this point! Plus I would love the massage for my feet and legs.

2. My hair colored and trimmed. The day before I was admitted to the hospital in January, I was in to see Rhonda to get my hair cut and colored. I went a bit red with some blond highlights. Well I now have about 2 inches of dark/gray that is showing through. I never realized how much gray I have already - and I am only 30!!!

3. My house professionally cleaned. I would love for someone like Marry Maids to come out and clean from top to bottom. David has done such an awesome job of keeping the house clean but there is nothing like having your window sills cleaned and the nooks and crannies in the bathroom cleaned out. It would also be really nice to bring home little bit to a CLEAN house and then me not having to worry about it for a while - well at least a week!

4. Our carpets cleaned. You should see our living room floor. It is a total disaster! Juice cups have leaked, sodas spilled, leaky diapers - our floor has really taken its toll.

5. The brothers to be potty trained. Like I said this is a WISH list!

6. All of my laundry to be done. Now I am sure that this will all get done but there will always be more and it would be nice to come home to NO laundry.

7. A full nights REST-FILLED sleep. With no having to get up and pee!

That is all that I can think of right now - I am sure that there are more, but right now I need to get some sleep. :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is what 16 weeks of bed rest will do to a house!

This is my house right now. Well not the whole house just the basement. All of our laundry - if you count the baskets there are 12 of them. each one holds about a load and a half. That adds up to close to 18 - 20 loads of laundry. All of the clothes on the desk need to be put away - but that requires walking up two filights of stairs. See the book shelves and the piles of boxes?? That is where little bits "room" is supposed to be. Right now - her crib is in two boxes up against a wall in our living room. We have a TON to do!! Bonus points to the one that realizes that we have a hole in our wall - one that has been there for 3 weeks now. I hope that when they come to fix it we know where the cat is first :)
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My Three Things

Okay - this was started by Debi and I thought that I would post mine too. I need to add a disclaimer though. Even though there are things that I would change about my past - I have to believe that "God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28. So I would say that there are not things that I regret about my life - just things that as I look back, I wish I would have done differently. Hind sight is 20/20 right??

1. That perm I got back in 2000 - yeah now that is something that I totally regret!!! When I told the lady that my hair doesn't hold a curl very well she decided to use the smallest rollers ever. I ended up with the tightest spiral kinks EVER!!! That was the beginning of the worst 2 years of my hair. A month later I went back to have my hair straightened - which just turned it into a form of cotton - I couldn't touch it wet, had to wait for it to dry before I could brush it out. Then we colored it - not good. The only way that I could deal with it was to just cut it all off. I really came close to shaving my head - would of happen too if it had not have been for these 4 huge freckles that I have above my right ear. So I ended up with my hair being a whole 2 inches long! Took forever to grow back..........

2. As much as I enjoyed getting my degree now - I wish that I would have gone to college after Bible school. I am so glad that I took the two years to go to TBI - it was totally life changing, but I wish that after that I signed up for night classes or went to school full time then. I wonder where we would be at now if that is what I did. hum........

3. I think that we would have been wiser if we would have kept our condo in Vegas and not sold it to buy our house in Las Vegas - I don't think that we would be in the financial situation that we are in now if we would have. But of course then the market was booming and we did GREAT with the sale of the condo - who would have known 4 years later where the market would be. I guess that it wasn't us just buying the house - it was the AWFUL refi that we were talked into that changed us from our 30 year fixed to a 3 year ARM (all to save just 150 dollars a month). But here again - if we didn't do all of that - would we be here in IL right now? We are so happy - we love it here (despite dearly missing Davids family). And even though Angela wants to move away from here - I am glad that she is so close and that one of these days we will get to see more of each other!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

34 weeks 2 days!!! Only 23 days left!!!

Well today was my official 34 week appointment!! I am still amazed that I have made it this far. We are now instead of counting how long I have been pregnant for I am actually counting down 'till delivery! I love it - only 23 days left that is just over 3 weeks!

I had a NST, Ultrasound, and a Appointment with the Dr. I am excited because my normal Dr. is back next week and then we can get serious about scheduling the amino and induction. I think that my hope of continuous weight gain was squelched as I stepped on the scale and found that even with a full bladder I had lost 1 of the 2 lbs that I gained last week! David thinks that it is because I have been moving around a little bit more this past week. Little bit needed some extra motivation during the NST. She was very "flat" and not moving a lot so they buzzed her. Well that got her going and is STILL keeping her going. I had contractions - what is new? I went ahead and did a demand dose of terb and things settled down. She looks great on the U/S. We will not do another growth scan until 36 weeks. Fluid levels looked great and blood flow is just fine. Everything is looking good with Little Bit!

Meeting with the Dr. was a little "different". I went in with a list of different questions that I had and we only got to the first one! One of the main issues that we wanted to talk about was the risks of VBAC. This was one of the few appointments that David was able to be with me at so he wanted to hear what the risks were with going about a VBAC. At the end, he suggested that we consider a scheduled c-sec just because we have some questions about the risks. I really want my regular Dr back! I really want to avoid a c-sec so we are just going to head in that direction. They better be ready with LOTS of drugs if we need to end up with a c-sec!

I also was checked today - I had thought that I could possibly be leaking some fluid so they did a swab to see. He also did a "glance by" of my cervix and said that everything looked good.

All and all I get to stay pregnant for another week! My next appointment not until next Fri. worth the wait because it will be with my normal Dr. Oh and I must say that he has been off for the past 3 weeks because him and his wife are down in the Dominican Republic adopting a baby girl! How exciting for him!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Stats on the Brothers

Well today was our wonderful WIC appointment. I do have to say that our WIC office is wonderful. We have never had any problems and they have always worked with us with any thing that we have needed. It is just a pain when we have 3 kids and the brothers need to get undressed and held and then they need their fingers poked for the iron test. Well the good thing that came out of it was that I was able to finally get accurate stats on the brothers!

Weight: 24 lbs 10 ozs
Height: 32 1/2 inches

Weight: 24 lbs 6 ozs
Height: 32 1/2 inches

They are still small but growing!!

Our Day With a Sick Isaac

So Isaac has really been sick all winter. There hasn't been a day where his nose hasn't been runny or crusty. We have just thought that it is probably allergies - since I deal with them and so did Ethan. The brothers were all at the Dr's in January and had sinus infections and then 2 weeks later they both had ear infections. We didn't take them back to the Dr to make sure that the ear infections had cleared up, we just sorta assumed that they did.

Well this morning David went up to their room to get them up in the morning and Isaac was burning up. Not just with a low grade fever but he was 104.5 under his arm. We gave him some Advil and then I called the Dr to see if we could get in. We were able to get an appointment within the next hour so I hurried (I know not allowed - but it was take one to the Dr. or stay at home and deal with the other two) to get ready and took Isaac to the Dr.

I have to say that I love spending time with each one of the brothers on a one on one basis. It is so rare that we get to do that and I need to make sure that once little bit comes we spend time with each of the kids on a one on one basis.

Because Isaac was not feeling well he just sat in my lap the during the entire time waiting in the waiting room and then waiting for the Dr. He sits right under my arm and rests his arm/hand on my belly and every few minutes he will say "sister" and then pat my belly. He loves his sister already! I can't wait to see how he reacts her once she is here.

Well once the Dr came in (I should mention that I did see a new Dr this week that I am MUCH happier with and I am thinking of switching to her for the boys.) Isaac was still running a fever. She went over his chart and his past history and said that most likely he didn't get over his original ear infection and it has just kicked back up again. I told her that Isaac is a snorer too. He has snored since day one. I remember the NICU staff commenting on it. We were told that we should wait until he is about a year old and then see if he was still doing it. Of course life has just been so crazy that we haven't done anything about it - until now.

I guess that infants/toddlers are not supposed to snore. So once we get his ear infection cleared up we will need to see an ENT to find out what is going on. Most likely he will need his adenoids out. Great - that is now two kids that will need surgery (Ethan is still needing his hemorrhoid removed). We did know that there was probably an issue with the way that everything was structured when Isaac was first born. When they tried to put in a G-tube for feedings they were only able to use one nostril because the other airway (is that what you call it) was so thin that they couldn't even get the tube down it. The side that they ended up using for the G-tube only had room for the G-tube. The Dr was hoping that as he got bigger - so would everything else. Well it looks like that has not happened and Isaac is heading for a sinus surgery.

So Isaac is back on antibiotics for an ear infection. He is still running a high fever, we have to give him to Thur - if his fever has not broke by then we need to go back to the Dr. So for another little bit - she also suggested an Autism screen for Isaac. This was something that we were concerned about earlier but he has advanced so much in just a few months that we really haven't thought much about it. She said that there are just some "things" that could point to Autism or could just also be because he is a twin and even thought he was the first one out - he is not the dominate twin. Well someone needs to tell him that! :)

Time will tell.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Answers Part 1

Here are some answers to the questions that have been asked so far. Keep them coming!

Debi asked: What is your strangest craving you have had (any pregnancy)?

Ice. Ice has been by far the weirdest craving that I have had this pregnancy. I love the Sonic ice - we by it by the bag and I go through at least 3 bags a week. Thats 30 lbs of ice!!! Other than the ice, I really have not had any real cravings for things.

Jenn H asked: What do you want to do with the degree you are working on and are you planning on pursuing a masters?

Well the plan was to start my Masters in the Fall - but that was before I found out that I was pregnant. I think that we are going to just really wait and see how the summer goes. The only hard part about that is most Psychology Masters require a GRE score and that would mean that I need to take it this fall/winter for enrollment in the Fall of 2009. There are a couple of on-line schools that I am looking at that actually set you up for your State Board exams and licensure. End game would be my MFT cert.

I would really like to be a crisis counselor for teens. I think that for job experience I am looking into guidance counselor at the High School level right now. Maybe one day have a private family practice or at least be able to offer my services through our local church. I would love to write - either books or journal articles, I do want to get into some sort of research programs. I would like to teach at the college level.

Lizze asked: What are you hobbies when you are a free-woman? (aka not committed to bed rest haven)

Gee Lizze - this is a hard question to answer. You see ever since I got pregnant with my first son and decided that I would be a SAHM - I decided that I needed to be productive with something other than raising our child - so I enrolled in school. That has consumed just about all of my "free time" I am in my last semester right now so I guess we will see what fills my days then!

My husband and I are extremely active in our church as well. We work with the youth and would love to allow that to pay our bills one day! I want teens to understand that there is more out there than just what they are experiencing in Jr. High/High School. I think that there is nothing better to see the look on their face when they experiance first hand the power of God in their lives. I want them to realized that there is a greater purpose for their life and that they can be a world changer!

I personally love to read, write, and cook. I can't wait to be able to cook meals for my family that include more than stage 2 baby foods! With 3 boys I think that I will get my wish sooner rather than later!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

What do you want to know about me?

I figured that if there are people reading this, they just might have some questions about things. Or maybe there is something about me that they want to know or know more of. SO ask away - I will answer you. Just ask your question in a comment and I will answer it in a "formal" blog. How does that sound - and who wants to take the first ride??

Friday, March 21, 2008

Keeping me pregnant!

These are all of the steps that I take to put my change my terb pump site. Impressive don't you think?? Hey it is keeping me pregant!!!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And The News Just Keeps Getting Better.....

So today was my now weekly Dr's appointment. Although I did not see the Dr. I am officially 33weeks and 3days. I had a NST and a U/S. I don't even know where to start. After getting so much news that has been less than positive it was amazing to finally walk out of the Dr knowing that things were looking up and all was well with the Woolf 6-pack!

First - I have gained a WHOLE 2 lbs since last Wednesday! How funny that I can say that I have officially doubled my whole pregnancy weight gain in 1 week! Yep thats right I am now up 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. We then encountered a little hick-up while I was hooked up to the NST - in 20 minutes I had almost 7 contractions. The Dr took a look at them and decided that they were more an irritability and not a real contraction. I then was taken down for an U/S. Fluid level looks great! OH and the BEST PART is that little bit HAS FLIPPED!!! She is no longer breech.

Funny sidetrack here - While I was laying on the table getting ready to have my U/S, I asked my tech what I could do to help her flip. She said that she has something that she recommends and it has worked in 75% of the patients that did it. It is really easy - hands and knees for 15 minutes twice a day. That simple. I kinda laughed at her and told her that for the past week I have been so uncomfortable (extremely constipated and NOTHING has worked) that the only way that I have found any relief was to get on my hands and knees. I have spent MANY minutes of each day for the past week in that position (it has also been really good to relieve some of my lower back pain as well). She said well lets see if it worked - and sure enough SHE DID!!!


I didn't have an official weight scan but the tech did look and said that it looks like she could be close to 4 lbs!!! I guess that 2 lbs that I gained was really beneficial to her! The other AWESOME news is that during the whole U/S little bit was breathing!!!! She said that at 33 weeks about 25% of babies practice breathing and only some of the time. For little bit to be breathing for the whole 20 minute u/s meant that if we did deliver now - she would most likely have NO breathing problems, meaning little to no NICU time!

Okay so some interesting facts:
  • This is my 3rd pregnancy and my 3rd pregnancy in which my bellybutton still has not popped out!
  • No new stretch marks - I think that the twins did me in!
  • Ethan can intelligently explain the differences between a c-sec or a vaginal delivery. Although he say "cut her out" or "push her out" to define each one.
  • Never before (even with the twins) do I remember peeing so much - but so little at the same time - if you can understand that.
  • One of my all-time favorite snacks is a bell pepper. Thats it just a bell pepper - if I am feeling adventurous I will dip it in some ranch.
I think that is about all that I can think of right now. David has just hired a while new staff - just about so he would like me to stay pregnant for at least 2 more weeks to get them all trained. I think that I can do it :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fun start to my day

So as I sit here, okay lay here, I am wishing contractions and back pain away. Little girl has been way active today and I am starting to pay for it I think. I had to monitor and send that into Matria and when she called me back she had counted 7 perfectly shaped contractions and a handful more square (we think that baby girls head is butting up against the monitor during a contraction). Well 4 an hour is my threshold. So I am now up at 2 in the morning watching The Bachelor that I TiVo'd last night.

Oh the fun! Heres to no more contractions today!

Monday, March 17, 2008

33 Weeks Today!!!

I am so excited to make it this far in my pregnancy!! We never thought that we would. My Dr keeps telling me that the only reason that he thinks that I am this far is because Little Bit is breech. She is moving around so much, sometimes I think that she is going to reach out of my belly and grab whatever happens to be sitting on my belly at that time. :)

Today was my umteenth 17P injection. Let me tell you - I screamed through this one. It hurt so bad. David is great with giving me my shots he really is a pro - but for some reason this one hurt to high heaven! I called my Matria nurse just to make sure that this was somewhere in the realm of normal. She told me that it is very common for these to hurt worse with each time that I get them. She said that because they are done in the same general area each week scar tissue is built up and then it is painful to have to push the very thick injection through that tissue. Great! I only have 3 more of these so I guess that I can handle the pain - I mean it is for a good cause right?

I am really needing to get my butt in gear with my school work. I am such a procrastinator!

Okay so I have realized that I haven't updated on the boys in a while. Other than our trip to the ER for Aidan. Aidan is really starting to get sooooo cute - I mean he was cute to begin with but now he had just hit mega cuteness! He is starting to give me kisses. Well not only me - everyone. The best is when he tries to kiss Isaac - Isaac wants nothing to do with it! Aidan ends up chaseing him down - grabbing his clothes and holding on until Isaac falls down - in tears - then Aidan gets on top of him and lays on on Isaac! It is so funny! I know that this is bad but whenever I want a laugh - I tell Aidan to go give his brothers kisses! It is a hoot and a half! They are both starting to play peek a boo now too. I know we are way behind the times with this one but.... They have been playing it for a while now with blankets or towels - but now when you say peek a boo they cover their eyes! It is cute. After a while Aidan gets board with that and wants to cover my eyes! Man I love these kids!

These kids can also throw down some major tantrums!! Here is the kicker - they have watched us for long enough telling Ethan to "change his attitude" and if needed go and sit on the stairs until he can change his tude. Well now when Aidan throws his fits all we have to say is "Aidan - No, go sit on the stairs until you are done." He will then walk over to the stairs and sit down until he is done crying - then he will get up and go play happily! WOW! Isaac just throws himself down to make sure that he lands on something that looks like it will hurt so that we feel sorry for him. I guess that they both are working it in their own ways.

They both can say sister! When I ask them where their sister is they will both come and pat my belly - they normally try to lift up my shirt so that they can see it! Isaac loves to put his head on my belly and just leave it there. I really think that he is going to be a great big brother - I think that they all are - but I think that Isaac is really going to have a soft spot for his sister!

Well I am off to do homework......... maybe.......

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

32 weeks!!!!

I have a 32 week picture - but I lost my cords to download it off of my camera so until then you will just have to imagine my 32 week baby bump - Maybe if I feel up to getting a gussied up I will take another picture but by then it will be a 33 week picture.

So today I had my 32 week appointment. I can't even believe that I made it to 32 weeks! My Dr can't believe that I made it to 32 weeks. It is all by God's grace - believe me! So I will give you a rundown of my appointment. Starting this week I will have the works done each week at the Dr's. I start weekly appointments, weekly Non-Stress Tests, weekly growth ultrasounds and weekly cervical checks. Oh the joys of a High Risk pregnancy!

So on to the fun stuff. I officially weight 177. That is only 2 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. It also means that I have not gained any weight in 2 weeks. If I may sidetrack here for a minute. Weight is a very sensitive issue for me. I have spent majority of my life being overweight. I also remember being told by my mother that if I was anything like her I would gain obscene amounts of weight, when I was pregnant with my first. I was very fortunate to loose close to 30 lbs during the first 4 months of my pregnancy with Ethan. I did eventually gain that plus 10 more lbs back, still giving me a pre-birth weight of 215 lbs. I can say that it was really cool to come home from the hospital weight less than when I got pregnant! I was very unsuccessful of losing weight - even despite pumping/breastfeeding for the first 4 months. We then found out that I had a thyroid dysfunction and was put on pills to help with that - but alias still no major weight loss. Then I got pregnant with the twins. I was close to 190 lbs when I found out that I was pregnant. This pregnancy too, I lost weight in the beginning. I had just started to put it back on when I delivered prematurely at 33 weeks. I was pretty close to 190 - 195 when I gave birth. Here again I came home lighter than when I got pregnant! I lost some weight really fast while I was breastfeeding - well mainly pumping - but when I stopped all the weight came back on fast. I then spent the next year or so trying to loose weight and doing a pretty good job of it! Being diagnosed with Epilepsy helped I am sure - because the meds took away majority of my appetite. I made it down to 175 when I found out that I was pregnant. During the first 6 weeks I lost another 10 lbs. Probably due to moving to a new state and all that stress! So now I am at 177. Officially up 12 lbs, but really only 2 :) I wouldn't normally be worried about this - but read on and you will see why I am a bit concerned.

Okay now that I am done with my weight rant - back to my appointment. I started out with my ultrasound. We had the fun one first - the growth scan. She is officially breech and her head is lodged very uncomfortably under my ribcage. At 32 weeks and 3 days she weighs in at 3 lbs. A little small. She is in the 15%. They are looking at 32 weekers to be closer to 4 lbs. She has only gained 10 oz in 4 weeks. The good news is that she has always been in the 15 - 20 % during all of her growth scans. My Dr's words to me were that he would have been concerned but he has met my husband and children - he just thinks that we don't make big babies. He is okay with that - he said the smaller they are the easier they are to deliver! All that joking aside - with an possibility that she could make her entrance into the world sooner rather than later, I would like her to be a bit bigger. We will be doing weekly growth scans to make sure that she is continuing to grow at the right rate. If there is any question - they will take her. My Dr says that there is nothing that I can do to help her gain weight - and is not concerned with my lack of weight gain. He said that this is what most woman dream of during pregnancy. He said that she is completely healthy and there is nothing to worry about. He is the Dr and has seen more babies/moms than I have been pregnant with - right? I should just trust him - right?

Okay then on to the not so fun cervical u/s. The good news is that everything is holding strong at 2 cm. I am dilated but it is something to be expected at this stage in the game. Her being breech is most likely a good thing and the reason that I am still pregnant. I just really hope that she does turn within the next 4 weeks!!! I was then stuck on the monitor for the NST. It was quick and easy - I did have a few contractions but nothing to worry about. She looks great on the monitor. After all of that fun stuff - I then saw the Dr. It was really quick. He said that he isn't in the office for the next two weeks so at the beginning of April we will really start to hammer out the details for the end. He would like to deliver me at 37 weeks. It really works out great too because that is the week that he is on call at the hospital. That is pretty amazing because he is only on call once every 2 months! I just hope that her lungs are ready by then! I did also reiterate the point that is she doesn't turn and a c-sec had to happen I would need to be highly drugged. :) He said not to worry about it - it would all be fine.

Well that was about it for my appointment. Things are moving along rather well. It is amazing that I am still pregnant - and I think that we just might make it to 37 weeks!!! Right on!

If you actually read all of this - kuddos to you!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My son eats wood AND goes to the ER all in the same day

Friday, March 7, 2008.
Who would of thought that something this cute could do this much damage?

So I went to go and get the brothers up from their nap this afternoon and found that Aidan had taken a chunk out of his crib and ate it. Why would I think that he ate it? Because the amount of wood splinters on the floor were no where near adding up to the amount of wood that was missing. He was happy so I didn't think anything of it. I took them downstairs and starting changing butts. I had just finished changing Aidan and was starting to change Isaac when Aidan proceeded to puke up wood and blood. Lovely. I cleaned it up - in my best "trying not to freak" mentality and called his pediatrician. While waiting for her to call me back - I called David at work to tell him what was going on. He was way busy and there was no way that he could leave at that point. The Ped beeped in - she said to head straight to the ER of one of the children's hospitals in St. Louis. He could have aspirated some wood or because of the blood he could have some stuck somewhere. I then lost it and started crying. Aidan is normally a fireball, but now he is just sitting on my lap and will not let me put him down. I called David to tell him what we need to do - He said that he doesn't think that we need to do that - and that he has no way of leaving work to take him. He thinks that we just need to watch him and see how he does - if he gets worse we can take him in when he gets off work. I don't have a car - so I really couldn't argue with him. Well not 2 minutes after I hung up from David - Aidan pukes again - more blood and more wood. I called David and told him that he would be coming home from work right now or I was calling 911. At that point Sherri called us (she is the awesome woman that is arranging all of our childcare) I pretty much lost it on the phone. She was at my house in 2 minutes. She brought her daughters and her niece too. We then ended up deciding that Sherri would take me and Aidan to the ER and the other girls would stay and watch the other boys. So Sherri, Aidan, Cori (her oldest), and I all head to the ER.

When we got there they checked him over for signs of distress. He had a little bit of tenderness in his tummy but that was really it. Found out that wood doesn't show up on an x-ray so that was out of the question. We just needed to wait and see. We were there for close to 3 hours and he ate a Popsicle. The Dr. seemed to think that he threw up all of the wood that he ate and
there was really nothing more that we could do. The stomach acid will help to soften - not break down - any remaining wood and he should pass it normally. We were told to watch him for the next couple of days and then bring him back if he starts showing any signs of distress.

So now we are left with the question - How do we keep him from eating his crib??
Just in case you are wondering - yes I do feed my kids 3 meals a day and proper snacks :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

7th Trip to L&D - March 5th

Oh joy! Another trip to Labor and Delivery. I distinctly remember telling David that we would not be making this trip again unless my water broke or I had a baby sticking out of me. I am just getting so sick of this! I thought that the terb pump would totally stop these contractions and allow me to make it to the end with no more speed bumps.

I should go back and say that during the weekend I started having some cramping. I wasn't to worried about it because I wasn't having any contractions with it. Then Sunday night came and I started to get a really intense lower back ache. I just thought that maybe I had a bad day in bed and that is why my back is hurting. So now we fast forward to Monday morning. I did my normal hour monitoring and called it in. About 20 minutes later my Matria nurse called me to give me the results of the strip. I had a few contractions. She asked about cramping and backache. I told her that it was getting pretty bad. She had me give myself a demand dose of terb and then we upped my doses that I get hourly and also moved my boluses from every 4 hours to every 3. I told her that I had a Dr's appointment later in the day and she told me to let him know what was going on.

At the Dr's appointment I told him about the cramping and back pain. His words were "I'll be concerned if you want me to be. But if not then I think that we should just see if we can get another week out of you." I think that at this point I was okay with that. I was just checked the week before and was still closed and 50% effaced. The cervix that I had left was firm. Now I wish I would of had him check me out then. I left the office with an appointment in 10 days.

Fast Forward now to Wednesday. I woke up with some pretty strong contractions. I told David this and his words to me were, "Its my day off and I am not going anywhere." Well after monitoring we discovered that I was contracting regularly - every 8 minutes. My Matria nurse had me do a demand dose and then monitor an hour after that. Another demand dose and another hour monitor. At that point she told me that she has done all that she is able to so I needed to call my Dr and then most likely a trip either into the Dr's office OR L&D.

Off to L&D we go. I packed my bag, I fully was not expecting to come home from this one. We arrived and was given a bed and hooked up to the monitor. Contractions were regular. Because I was already getting the terb - they really did nothing. I had a Dr. check me and we then found out that I am 1 to 2 cm dilated, and my cervix was really soft. The plan was to wait an hour and then check me again to see if I had any change. An hour passed and I was checked again - no change, still 1 to 2 and soft. I got an fFN test and that came back negative but because I was contracting regularly they weren't going to let me go yet. Well after 3 bags of IV fluids, my Terb and procardia my contractions settled down and I was able to go home. I was asked to be checked before I was let go just to make sure that nothing had changed :) Still no change.

Here again on the way home we made the declaration that there will be no more trips to L&D unless fluid is gushing from my body or body parts are hanging from me. We will see how long that lasts.......