Tuesday, February 22, 2011

T minus 57 hours!

Well just about 57 hours from now we will be loading the kids up in the van with their backpacks full of toys, securing the lock on the back of the 26 foot rental truck, and handing our keys over to the new owners of our house. If you could only see my house right now! It really does not look like we are anywhere near ready to move. Well that is until you open up the drawers in the bathroom or the cupboards in the kitchen. They would be empty. Their contents packed in one of several dozen boxes stacked around the house. Regardless of what we already have packed - we still have much MUCH more to go.

We had grand plans for this past weekend and the beginning of this week. Plans that slowly began to spiral out of control as soon as Aidan began throwing up at about 9pm Saturday night. If that wasn't enough - Isaac began no less than 3 hours later. For the rest of Sunday and most of Monday the brothers hardly moved from the couch. It was around 6pm Monday night that we started to breath a bit easier - thinking that just the brothers were to suffer with the icky stomach bug. We were wrong. Shortly after 6pm Ethan began - then by Midnight - David and Mayah joined the ranks of the sick ones. The last place that I wanted to be was at home taking care of the sick ones. So around 5am (after cleaning Mayah up for the 3rd time or so) I got ready to work. Hoping to escape most of the yuckies. As much as David wanted me to stay home and help him - I wanted to be anywhere but in the same house of blah! (In the back of my mind I also thought of the many times that David has gone to work leaving me to tend after myself and a houseful of sicko's!) I went to work and was there most of the day - So far I have seem to escape this - Quick knock on a piece of wood for me!

I am now spending my evening doing laundry - We certainly piled it up the past 4 days! I am also supposed to be finishing up my homework for this week - I have already written a 4 page paper - now I just need to write a discussion post (well 4 of them) and do some responses. What I did do though - was take all the pictures and stuff off of the walls. At least it is "sorta" making the house look a bit like we are moving! 

I am so hoping that everyone is on the mends and by tomorrow everyone will be healthy again and able bodied to grab a box, fill it, and repeat! 

And heres hoping that I am not getting what everyone else had! 

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